California Wildfire Disaster Relief

California Wildfire Disaster Relief

This week, Northern California experienced a record-breaking heatwave with nearly 12,000 lightning strikes in areas that have started wildfires and have caused burning homes and evacuation. So far, 1.66 million acres have burned, and 15,800 firefighters all the way from Florida and New Jersey are providing extra help. However, fire experts say that this year is especially dry, and they are just reaching the peak of the fire season. There are still at least two or three months left before the rain arrives.

Here are some updates from the SFGATE that the Cal Fire provided regarding the three largest wildfires burning in Northern California ever since Sunday, August 30th:

SCU Lightning ComplexLNU Lightning ComplexCZU Lightning Complex
378,157 acres375,209 acres84,760 acres
55% contained58% contained37% contained
0 civilian fatalities5 civilian fatalities1 civilian fatality
33 structures destroyed, 29 damaged1,209 structures destroyed, 193 damaged755 homes destroyed, 84 damaged
20,065 structures threatened10,350 structures threatened9,374 structures threatened

BayCC, in collaboration with Embrace Relief and Pacifica Institute Northern California, plans to send emergency supplies and humanitarian aid to those who have been affected by these wildfires. Any donation amount, big or small, will help us bring humanitarian relief to those affected. Please join us in our mission to help those affected by these California Wildfires.

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